Welcoming spring with a smile!

First and foremost; we hope you are all doing well!
Throughout the world our customers have different experiences during these times. Luckily, we’re noticing a lot of you keeping busy as well.
In countries where stores had to close, products are being sold through webshops and stores are being prepared for when the big moment will inevitably arrive: welcoming your customers.

Consumers are yearning for spring again and looking for little additions to make their home and garden feel ready for a new season. Preferably sharp priced items ofcourse! So, we’re listing some suggestions of high demand items for you and your customers here.

Zinc items instantly create a happy ambience 

Zinc items are perfectly suited to brighten up the mood in any space. Group them together with a variety of plants and your house or garden will transform immediately. This will get anyone through these last dark months with a smile.

 Bob zinc

Old look zinc

Zinc vintage black

Enjoy your first spring days with our Linea and Essence pots

What’s better than soaking in the first spring sun on the deck/terrace or in your garden? That’s right, adding some beautiful new items to spruce up your winter garden/terrace. End of winter gardens  can be made more ‘lively’ again by adding our colourful Linea or Essence pots for example.



No need to wait for spring with these baskets

Invite spring back in your house by adding from our wide range of Baskets. Due to their natural materials and feel they will create a warm, lively feel to the house. Simply add flower bulbs, like crocus, hyacinth or daffodils and you will feel spring coming back instantly. Bright green plants can create a similar look.

Bob Bush

Hayden Ear

Bobs chip

Change your style with indoor pots

During these dark, drizzly days and with corona still ravaging on, we all long for something new. A few minor adjustments can do wonders for your interior. By choosing new indoor pots you can create a new style quickly and you won’t have to break the bank to do it.





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